Sunday Service, August 29, 2004
Sunday Service, August 29, 2004

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Discourse: The Greatest Gift - Accept and Identify Yourself as Your Presence! delivered by Anointed Representative® Monroe Julius Shearer

Dictation by Beloved Archeia Hope: You Can Manifest Purity By Embodying God's Light and Hope delivered by Anointed Representative® Carolyn Louise Shearer

Audio file recorded August 29, 2004

The greatest gift you could be given is the permission to identify yourself with your own God Presence. This is the image that you, as an Ascended Master student, are invited to have, to reinforce, and to become. As you sift through the distractions of this world and choose wisely to make your Presence the apple of your eye, and use your leisure time to pursue God Realization, through your striving you become an example to the world. As you lobby on behalf of the "Ascended Master Way of Life," you redefine the "good life" - that the best of life is found in the radiance of your Electronic Body; breaking bread with the Ascended Masters; knowing the Freedom born of the Violet Flame; and having the expansive consciousness of Buddhic Oneness. Then you become a great benefactor to mankind, and win the appreciation of the Ascended Masters who need you in embodiment to perform this Service.

The twin flame of Archangel Gabriel comes with Purity's Angels so that you might have a greater understanding of your own Truth of the Law as Purity. Sharing with you great Wisdom about the spiritual path, Hope instructs that the greatest blessings that can come from your lifestream are those which multiply the Purity of God, the Love of God, and the Allness of God. Stating that all things come forth out of the Light that your own God Presence has released into your being, Hope reminds you that you truly are a blessed one. You were born of Light and you shall return to Light, becoming that Light once more with greater Attainment and ability to hold fast to the Mind of God in all circumstances. Understand who you are, your True Identity as your I AM Presence, and allow for that Reality to come forth.