Sunday Service, April 25, 2004
Sunday Service, April 25, 2004

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Dictation by the Beloved Angel Deva of the Jade Temple: How to Hold the Abundance of the Mother Light delivered by Anointed Representative® Carolyn Louise Shearer

Audio file recorded April 25, 2004

Bathe in currents of Peace from the Retreat of The Angel Deva of the Jade Temple as you are taught how to prepare your chalice to hold the abundance of the Mother Light. The flow of this Light from the Heart of God is your divine heritage and estate. As you gain attainment in the wise use of the Mother Light, as it is accelerated through your consciousness held in Purity, given back into the Heart of your God Presence, given into pure creative endeavors, you establish a Light that must shine forth, and must bring the fruit of all things seen and unseen that your lifestream requires. Listen as the Angel Deva also reveals the secret to establishing a loving relationship that will allow you to accelerate in all the Christ Virtues.