A Camelot Easter Remembrance
A Camelot Easter Remembrance

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A Camelot Easter Remembrance

Teachings to Help You Become the Holy Grail of Your Own God Presence

Recorded April 7 - 11, 2004 in Tucson, Arizona

Begin the Quest for the Holy Grail that will transport you from the limits of finite human consciousness into the limitless, eternal springtime of your true Divine Identity. The Temple of The Presence offers 18 Discourses and Dictations from the Ascended Masters that unravel the mysteries of Camelot and the Holy Grail. During the Easter Conclave of 2004 the Causal Body momentums of those who were embodied at Camelot and are now ascended were transferred from the Ascended Master Octaves to the octaves of Earth. Draw upon the attainments of the Ascended Masters to multiply your own! Walk with El Morya (King Arthur), Saint Germain (Merlin), Lanello (Lancelot), Kuthumi (Parsifal), and the Lady of the Lake (the Goddess of Light) through the mists of Avalon and learn how to become the Holy Grail of your own God Presence, drinking in the transformative Power of the Liquid Light of God ó and step into your own Christhood!