Goddesses, Heroines, Mothers & Maidens
Goddesses, Heroines, Mothers & Maidens

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Goddesses, Heroines, Mothers & Maidens of The Emerald Flame of Truth, and
Sacred Science of The Emerald Matrix

The Temple of The Presence presents Discourses and Dictations from the Ascended Masters

2003 Harvest Conference & Acropolis Sophia, held in Tucson, Arizona, October 1 - 12. For the first time ever, Teachings reserved only for Acropolis Sophia students were released to the public!

The Emerald Matrix is the fertile womb of Light of the Universal Mother, receiving our Decrees and visualizations, nurturing them and, in the fullness of time, bringing them forth into physical manifestation. Listen and learn the Higher Mysteries of Precipitation and Manifestation - the lessons of Divine Alchemy for centuries known only to the highest spiritual initiates - to create the perfect life for yourself HERE AND NOW!