Conclave Events, February 17, 2001
Conclave Events, February 17, 2001

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Question and Answer Session with the Anointed Representative

Dictation by Beloved Saint Germain: This Is The Cycle For Expansion Of Your Heart Flames delivered by Anointed Representative® Carolyn Louise Shearer

Audio file recorded February 17, 2001

The Temple of the Presence is the Vanguard Ascended Master activity on the earth. This is the time and the cycle for the lightbearers of the earth to awaken and connect with their Mighty I AM Presences, pour forth the Fire of the Heart and win their Ascensions. Students must take responsibility to attune with their Heart Flames and align with their God Presence. Donít cling to old momentums in previous Activities. We continue to release our Fire to the earth; it did not stop in some past era. The Holy Christ Presence is the governor of the Light that is released into your worlds. If this were not so, the mental and emotional bodies would go sideways. Your God Presence knows exactly what you need to accelerate the Flame for your life. Be disciplined in what you take in and decree for the Light of God to come forth. The Violet Flame is essential to this path; without it the path is very hard. You must master the four elements of the earth plane. It is possible for everyone to make their Ascension in this lifetime if they apply themselves from this moment onward. The first three root races Ascended according to the correct timetable. You have been delayed far too long. It is time to Ascend.