Necessity Meets Athena, Mother of Invention

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Necessity Meets Athena, Mother of Invention

2011 Harvest Conference held in Tucson, Arizona, October 5-9. 2011

Great Goddess Pallas Athena proclaims the Golden Age! Call to her as “Athena Heliconos” and enter the golden streaming God Consciousness of the Helicon! During the 2011 Harvest Conclave, Pallas Athena and fellow Ascended Masters released in-depth instruction on how to use the Emerald Ray to access the Mind of the One God and attune with the Eternal Ideals that are the Truth behind every unreal condition. Learn how to practice the “undivided Presence” to utilize the limitless Power of your own God Self to meet every Necessity. Athena desires to be your sponsor, championing you to become the all-conquering hero like Odysseus and Perseus. These Teachings will help you stand with Athena and her Twin Flame, the Maha Chohan, in the flow of the Golden Helicon that will transform your world into the Golden Age of One, and the entire Earth into the Golden Age of Saint Germain!