The Circle of Your New Life
The Circle of Your New Life

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The Circle of Your New Life

Ascended Master Instruction to Help You Master the Science of the Electronic Circle for Personal and Planetary Victory!

2009 Harvest Conclave

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Establish Your Electronic Circle of Light and you will establish an entirely New Life! Protection. Purity. Peace. Perfection. The Power of Your Presence. Precipitation of all your alchemies. The open doorway to the paradise of the Buddhic World. These Divine Treasures and more are yours within your own Electronic Circle! During the 2009 harvest Conclave, the Ascended Masters released a remarkable gift - in-depth teachings on the electronic circle never before revelaed in such glorious detail. Understanding and applying the Law of the electronic Circle will, as Lord Gautama instructs, allow the Light to mount up in your life and help you accomplish your Heart's every desire. Master this instruction, and you will have such a storehouse of the Charge of Light ready to meet any need, to answer any call, and to be God victorious that you will become, as Saint Germain proclaims, "the hero of the hour!"