Sunday Service, November 18, 2007
Sunday Service, November 18, 2007

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Discourse: The Path to True Happiness delivered by Anointed Representative® Monroe Julius Shearer

Dictation by Beloved Archangel Gabriel: I Prepare Your Consciousness for the Angels of Christmastide delivered by Anointed Representative® Carolyn Louise Shearer

Audio file recorded November 18, 2007

Elements of the upcoming New Year’s Conference are introduced. Once the opportunity you have to cultivate the pressure of the Light dawns on your consciousness and you learn to identify with and tap into that Source, you will no longer deprive yourself of the moment-to-moment Joy of this communion available to you. You have been empowered to identify and know yourself as the Presence, to rise in attunement and affirm, “I AM here and I AM there.” The reality of life as it is lived by your Mighty Presence is limitless, ongoing God Life and God Light. As you accept the transfer of the Consciousness of your own Presence, you will be able to hold your own Peace, Harmony, and Purity. It is not a perfect set of outer circumstances that brings Happiness, but the stream of God Consciousness acting through your thought and feeling worlds. Eventually, you will know how it feels to travel in all directions faster than the speed of Light, to be yourself Light, and to have the Consciousness of the streaming Radiation of the Light. You will realize it is possible to live in this world but still be within the Realm and the charge of the overshadowing of the Mighty Presence whom you are. A brief introduction to the Acropolis Sophia following is also given.

Be swept clean by Purity’s White Light as Archangel Gabriel prepares your vehicles of consciousness to hold a greater charge of the Light that the Holy Angels will release to mankind during this coming Christmastide. These Angels will convey to you as much charge of Light as you are able to hold without misqualifying it. Gabriel alerts you that as the New Year’s Conclave comes closer and closer, greater portions of Light will be released according to the discipline and the Attainment that you exhibit during this cycle. Gabriel requests that when this is conveyed to you, mark the shift and the change that occurs. If you are in doubt about entering into this test with the Purity of the Light, then invoke more Violet Flame, be regular in your attendance at the altar, and elevate your consciousness into that of your Presence. Your Presence sees you God Victorious, and this is the consciousness you must hold for yourself! The Archangel of Purity also instructs you on receiving the fiery engrams of the Consciousness of your Electronic Body so that you may pursue life’s greater purpose — your Fiery Destiny!